Tag removal not working correctly

I have removed tag New Age from several albums, but they still show up when I click on Genres/New Age from the Browse menu. When, from filtered view (New Age), I click on the album that I have removed that tag from, It isn’t showing the tag under applied tags. Yet general tag filter still brings them up. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

It’s a bug I believe it’s on the list. Started with 1.8

Removal of redundant tags is an issue too

Maybe @support can confirm it’s recognized

Roon’s tags are not the same as genres. So removing a tag doesn’t do anything regarding the appearance in the genre browser. Also screenshots may help others to better understand your issue.

So what qualifies album to show under say New Age in Browser?

The Genre

You can edit an album to add a Genre if it’s missing or if you have removed it in error

For the genre browser, having the “New Age” genre or any of its sub-genres. As Tivo/Rovi is the primary metadata provider, their genre definition might be close to what Roon uses. You can take a look at their definition of “New Age” here: New Age.


OK, I think this might be a bug after all. Have a look at screen shots of what is happening here.

I then click on New Age tile and get a list of albums, including those:
Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 08.00.11
Selecting one of those albums gives me this:

You can see no New Age tag above. When I go to edit album, I get this:

You can see here that I have deleted two tags, including New Age. Roon remembers that deletion, which is nice because I can bring it back if I change my mind.
My point is that this album should no longer be showing under New Age once I deleted/removed New Age genre tag and yet it does.

If you look at my earlier post, then you can see that “Contemporary Instrumental” is listed as sub-genre of “New Age”.

Good point, got it finally :slight_smile: I guess a logical outcome here is a feature request for Roon coders: removal of parent tag should remove all children. Or even better allow that as an option…
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