Tagged tracks Shown as albums

Did a search but couldn’t find this reported (if there is a topic mentioned, just let me know and my new topic is not needed)

While tagging separate tracks to the same tag and after that selecting this tag to see all the tagged tracks, the overview shows full albums (with the tagged track in it).

Is there a track-view option in one of the menu’s so that only the tagged track of the same Tag are listen (perhaps with a small album image next to it)?

No it shows both (Hamburger Menu Tags; select your Tag). Sounds like you use your tag as filter in the album browser in which case showing albums is the expected behavior.


Not that I’m aware of. You can open the tracks browser and use your tag as a filter there. This will show your tag as tracks but there is no distinction between tracks stemming from a tagged album and single tagged tracks.

Thanks, that did it! First Track-overview and then the tag/filter

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