Tagged works should display not tracks

I have tagged a number of different works in several albums, but not every work in those albums. When I go to the Tags display roon displays each of the movement tracks rather than the work. This leads to some messy (and not very useful) displays. For example, I have tagged the Lizst Sonata on Argerich’s Debut album. And while I tagged the work title, each of the tracks also has the tag. Further when I go to the Tags from the left column all 11 tracks of this work are listed instead of the composition itself; this is not helpful because one of the reasons I use roon is to play compositions not tracks. Perhaps I have done this incorrectly and maybe this is has been suggested before (but search didn’t produce anything).

By the way roon’s metadata provider completely messes up the track/movement labels for this work, identifying all 11 as Valse caprice No. 6.