Tagging Recommendations for Box Sets

Fellow Roon-nerds,

There are a lot of threads on box sets and I imagine this issue gets some air time at design meetings, internally.

It would be great if Roon could publish a set of guidelines on how box sets should be tagged, with an eye towards supporting these recommendations with app/UI updates in the future.

For example, I tend to handle box sets as follows:

  1. All discs have the same “Album” title (e.g. New Gold Dream [Super Deluxe Edition])
  2. Each disc has a Disc N of M tag set
  3. Each disc has a unique album art assigned to its tracks to match the sleeve from the box set
  4. Each disc has a unique “Grouping” tag set to match the sub-title (e.g. “Edits & B-sides”)

Not saying this is this the right way, but it’s one example. In the future, it would be great to see the Grouping tag represented somewhere, as well as the custom art work.

I’m not trying to start a new “box sets” thread, but there are enough of these that I think Roon needs to step in and say something about recommended tagging practices to best fit their future vision.

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Well, there are at least 2 types of box sets. One comprised of already released albums, like Van Halen Complete Album Box Set, and one like you described that is an album release unto itself. Different types requjire different guidelines.

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