Tags and album info

HI there,

I noticed that, for my local files, Roon does not always pull the information from the tags. Sometimes it adds extra details, such as composer or an album’s original release date and the particular file’s release date. When looking at the same Tidal files, the information sometimes is different. As far as I can tell, it is the one Tidal provide, which is usually not very accurate.

Case in point. Sonsual, by Jorge Ben. When I look at the info for the album I have in my local library, the info is correct (originally released in 1984). On the Tidal page for the same album, it says “released in 2004”.

This is by no means deal breaker for me, I just wonder 1. where the info for the local files comes from; 2. Why not use this info for the albums from Tidal.