Tags and playlist info is missing again ? I lost this info! [Solved: Restart]

I found that previous solved issues about missing info about tags and playlist is actual again.
It is not visible in my Roon anymore. Need some action ?

In order to get the best Roon help, you need to make a thread in the Support section of the forum and fill out the form that is presented.

I tried but forget how to do it (English is not my first language)

I’ve moved this to the support area. @Ranko_Labovic just describe your system as well as you can.

Thanks on your help

Here is some details about me and problem. My Core is on PC win 10 and remote on Iphone, Ipad and Mac. I was absent few days and didn,t use Roon. Yesterday I started Roon playing music on my Primare I25 . Looking on some album I saw that song info about playlist is missing again. I tried tags…the same.

As always…restart everything and problem solved

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