Tags and Roon Genres[Solved]


There is something I’m doing wrong with tagging. I have imported my library, and for now I prefer Roon’s genre tagging. But there are a few albums that Roon hasn’t tagged correctly. In this case there are Holiday albums that Roon hasn’t automatically tagged as Holiday. Given this, I have added the Holiday tag to the album. The problem is that even though I have now tagged the file, Roon doesn’t show them in the Holiday Genre.

The only thing that works is if I select “Show Genre from file tags”. The problem with this is that it is now showing my iTunes file tags. All I want to do is add an album to the Roon genres instead of switching to the iTunes genres. Any ideas?


If you bring up the individual albums that you want to tag with holiday then select the pencil on the right hand side of the screen and then select edit fields you will be able to find the Genres item and add the genres from your file tags or any other genre you wish to add to that album only.

Understood. The problem is that those albums don’t show up under “Holiday” under genre unless I switch to show genres from file tags. When I do this, it also shows the tags that were included from iTunes (eg. the number of genres expands to 61!). What I was hoping is to just have the Roon tagging plus the changes I make in Roon. I want the library to ignore any tags that come from iTunes.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you want or perhaps I did not explain myself properly but if I select the holiday genre in the box with the pencil under the genre section area then it groups it with the Roon assigned genres for me. I’ve done this for several of my holiday albums that Roon did not tag has holiday and now they show up under the Roon Holiday genre group. It does not work if I tell it to use the tag from the file so maybe that was the confusion in my earlier post.

I think I figured out how it works now. Thanks!