Tags/Bookmark missmatch

Got a bookmark focused on “Delete” tag. But it also shows albums without this tag.

adding @support so they get notified

In the browsers, Tags can be “inherited” meaning if you tag an Artist and then view that tag in the Album browser, you’ll get all of that artist’s albums. Same thing if you tag a Genre and look at the Artist browser, or if you tag an album and look at the track browser.

You can see the items you’ve explicitly tagged by visiting the Tag details page for the tag “Delete”.

That does not explain it in my case though. Because the artist has no “Delete” tag either. From where is it inherited?

On the Tag details page for the tag “Delete” 4 albums are showing up. That’s correct.

That is strange. Nothing else on the Tag details screen other than those 4 albums?


It looks that the problem was the deleted artist Joe Zawinul who has appearances in some albums.