Tags for albums/artists not in you library

Self created tags is a great feature in Roon, and I started to use it a lot, created decent number of own tags and linked my library albums to them.
The only issue I have is that I cannot tag artist or album if it is not in my library. Sometimes you want to tag an album without adding it so that you don’t get an overcrowded library.

Is there something that can be done here?

Thank a lot

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How about

Add the album to your library
Tag the album
Hide the album

The album will still show up in the tags browser, but won’t appear in the album browser, or in a list of the artist’s albums.

You can’t hide an artist, so that won’t work for them.

great advice!

will try, thanks

This is a good solution for Roon. But, the album is still favorited in Qobuz.

I like to use Roon to find new music, and 1.8 makes it even better for that! The problem is, if I add a bunch of stuff to my Roon library, then Qobuz gets filled with a bunch of stuff too. Qobuz doesn’t have any kind of organization that I’m aware of.

So what I’d like to do is use Roon to find new albums to listen to, and tag them while keeping them out of my Qobuz library. That way when I’m away from the computer, my Qobuz library is nice and lean. I can listen to new albums at home on Roon, and add them to my Qobuz library if I want.

fwiw my solution now is to use iTunes when away from the computer - it’s the only mobile solution that I’m aware of that allows for good organization.

Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead. I am running into the same issue PatMaddox is. Having to add an album/song to the library in order to tag it seems unnecessary, and only presents problems in other areas, like Qobuz Favorites.
I would ask the team to consider “Remote” or “Reference” tags that are pointers to an external source, like Qobuz or Tidal, … I would also see a need for a utility job to clean up any lost or invalid references over time.

My use: Tag a Qobuz/Tidal album or song I want to check out at a later date. This is not an Album I know I like, or even want in my library, just something to check out later.

Thoughts? Is there a better way?

I agree, would have been a great feature. Tags is one of the best tool in Roon, all my library is tagged. But sometimes you don’t want the album in your library but want to tag it. Hiding albums is the only way to do it, but it’s not convenient.