Tags gone after update to 1.7

Hopefully there are some hints to restore the tags I used to label on my music. They are user specific tags. After updating to 1.7 they are gone. Had some issues when installing 1.7. So I did a reinstall roon, also using the back up roon file.
But so far no tags visible …
Probably that was the reason, but please also advise to prevent future issues.

Thanks, Marco

Hi @Marco_Ising,

Besides tags, are your playlists, history, and edits still in place?

Were there any changes to your storage location at all? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Hello Dylan, thanks for stepping in! Best wishes to all in good health and that we can spent more time outside iso of rooning …

I do not use playlists or edits, so cannot judge that. Interesting to see you can edit, will try that later.
You can see in the screenshot, I use a external harddisk, which was disconnected at a certain moment.
Your advise is more then welcome.

Hi @Marco_Ising,

I notice that the flac folder was added twice, though one is showing as “not available”. When did this change? Have they both always been there?

This type of issue can happen when there are duplicate folders. Roon will import that content twice, and so any tags that were applied to one version wouldn’t be applied to the same tracks that were imported a different time.

The best solution is to restore a backup from before this occurred, if you have one, and then making sure that there are not duplicate watched folders moving forward.

Hello Dylan,

The duplicated folders came from after the update to roon 1.7, so logical to see that is the cause for missing tags. Sure I have a back up, but not very recently. Roon is installed on my c:drive. Is there a file, which I can open to see the tags.
If not I will do as you describe. Thanks sofar and appraciated. Marco

No, the Tags are only a part of the Roon database unless you have added RoonAlbumTag or RoonTrackTag to the files themselves.

Hi Dylan, thanks. Will restore my orginal back up. Let you know the results

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That was a bit of roon adventuring. But the end result was I do have my tags…
After back-up Roon drops dead after start up …
Updated to the latest drivers with no result.
Roon was running on a small laptop, so I suspected the capacity of the laptop
Installed roon of a big laptop with enough RAM space, but also here Roon crashes
Did see that roon imported files in the storage screen and drops dead after a couple of 1000 imports
So did run a piece of nice software: ‘audiotester’ and find a corrupt FLAC file
deleted and could import my back up but no tags from the backup…
Can change back to my small laptop.
Now I am reading your answer again. I did use “roontracktag”. Hopefully I can restore those …