Tags - is there no place to manage and edit these?

Is there really no way to create tags except by being on an album, selecting the ‘add a new tag’ icon and creating from there? Surely there is a ‘Manage Tags’ page somewhere that allows you to see all your user created tags, edit them, create new ones and delete tags you no longer use?

Check out the main menu. you’ll find a tags item there.

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Ah! I found that before, but because I didn’t have many tags then it didn’t make sense - thanks. It actually is still a bit obtuse, but I get that I can edit tags for an album by clicking the ‘new tag’ button anyway. Like people have said before on here Roon seems to have grown organically so I think some reorganising of places to do things would be great - maintaining tags, listing and adding genres and so on needs to be available out of context, away from where they are used I think.