Tags used to ID Albums

I was wondering if roon would be able to (or does it currently) use certain tags to identify the exact release of an album. Presently when I rip a CD and even when I rip my own Vinyl records, I use two tags that ID the album based on discogs. The two tags are ISRC and Publisher. But from just the ISRC, a simple google search using discogs and the ISRC number brings you right to the exact release of the CD. There are a few tagging pieces of software that will find the release of your rip and allow you to properly tag the files based on the exact release. I think that at the very least incorporating the ISRC tag into the album identifying process would be very helpful to accurately finding and IDing the proper version of an album.

Here is an example using the ISRC of the search to put into google for U2 The Joshua Tree on Vinyl

discogs 90581-1,7 90581-1

The first hit is the exact release

Justed noticed that de ID3v2 tag field “ISRC” (edited in MP3TAG) is not equal to the Product Code in Roon. Under Prefer File Data it says “Roon data is being used because your file does not have this data”?

In MP3TAG i used the ISRC field for the 12 digit barcode, should i use another field to get Roon get the right product code?