Tags within tags - displaying tags only at one level

I have about 15.000 albums and often find it very hard to locate music in Roon. One way of improving this would be to allow the user to build his/her own structures. For instance, I would like to make a structure for all my Beethoven albums sorted according to type of composition etc. I could do this by using tags, but the main problem with this is that all tags will be shown at the highest level and it all becomes a mess. Thus, it should either be possible to hide tags in the main tag window or it should be possible to define subtags within tags. As another example, I have a tag called Bach Boxes, and within this tag I have tags for a number of different Bach boxes. But, all these tags also show up in the main tags window which then becomes very cluttered in the end.

And I am praying that for once a most reasonable request will lead to a response by Roon…

Not a new request, just a quick search found

Bookmarks may be a better option as they are dynamic , i.e. a Tag needs manually changing each time you a add say a new Beethoven album. A bookmark created via Album>Focus with Composer = Beethoven will automatically include any new Beethoven Albums

This however leads to the next unanswered Feature Request for Bookmark Management. Doing as I suggest leads to a MESS of note with too many unstructured Bookmarks.

I use this only for very limited conditions e.g. Beethoven Keyboard, Mozart Symphonies etc to avoid having too much clutter

It is certainly a weakness in Roon. I have 6500 albums probably 60% Classical so I feel your pain. The other biggie is the Box Set management where things like the Mozart 255 presents you with 200 pretty little Hyperlinks but no idea of where a particular work is

There are many vocal users around much of the Classical Navigation thing , mine for at least 3 yrs, the response has been NIL , except the ROONALBUMTAG , if you set this externally to a Value Roon will Auto Create a Tag by that Value (Say Alfred Brendel Complete Philips) but no better than you could do manually.

Without being TOO negative , what you ask for will be a long wait …

My take was to amend how I look for music, my legacy system was tto filter with clicks/taps before selection eg. Composer>Genre>Sub Genre>Album > Play (by iPad Taps, no typing) I now go mostly via Artist , or the Composer view using the Filter Funnel to get more specific. It involves more typing but uses the structure Roon presents to best effect. If you know an Opus, BWV , K number you are quids in the filter is very quick and immediate. The album view is useless with so many albums.

I do go on …

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Yes, since I got no response half a year ago, I make a new bold attempt…

I do this now but it’s a kludge. You can Tag Roon Tags. If your top level Tags all have a common text string in them, then you use the filter funnel at the top to show only the top level tags then bookmark that. Doesn’t work on iPhone.