Tags within tags - displaying tags only at one level

I have about 15.000 albums and often find it very hard to locate music in Roon. One way of improving this would be to allow the user to build his/her own structures. For instance, I would like to make a structure for all my Beethoven albums sorted according to type of composition etc. I could do this by using tags, but the main problem with this is that all tags will be shown at the highest level and it all becomes a mess. Thus, it should either be possible to hide tags in the main tag window or it should be possible to define subtags within tags. As another example, I have a tag called Bach Boxes, and within this tag I have tags for a number of different Bach boxes. But, all these tags also show up in the main tags window which then becomes very cluttered in the end.

And I am praying that for once a most reasonable request will lead to a response by Roon…

Not a new request, just a quick search found

Bookmarks may be a better option as they are dynamic , i.e. a Tag needs manually changing each time you a add say a new Beethoven album. A bookmark created via Album>Focus with Composer = Beethoven will automatically include any new Beethoven Albums

This however leads to the next unanswered Feature Request for Bookmark Management. Doing as I suggest leads to a MESS of note with too many unstructured Bookmarks.

I use this only for very limited conditions e.g. Beethoven Keyboard, Mozart Symphonies etc to avoid having too much clutter

It is certainly a weakness in Roon. I have 6500 albums probably 60% Classical so I feel your pain. The other biggie is the Box Set management where things like the Mozart 255 presents you with 200 pretty little Hyperlinks but no idea of where a particular work is

There are many vocal users around much of the Classical Navigation thing , mine for at least 3 yrs, the response has been NIL , except the ROONALBUMTAG , if you set this externally to a Value Roon will Auto Create a Tag by that Value (Say Alfred Brendel Complete Philips) but no better than you could do manually.

Without being TOO negative , what you ask for will be a long wait …

My take was to amend how I look for music, my legacy system was tto filter with clicks/taps before selection eg. Composer>Genre>Sub Genre>Album > Play (by iPad Taps, no typing) I now go mostly via Artist , or the Composer view using the Filter Funnel to get more specific. It involves more typing but uses the structure Roon presents to best effect. If you know an Opus, BWV , K number you are quids in the filter is very quick and immediate. The album view is useless with so many albums.

I do go on …

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Yes, since I got no response half a year ago, I make a new bold attempt…

I do this now but it’s a kludge. You can Tag Roon Tags. If your top level Tags all have a common text string in them, then you use the filter funnel at the top to show only the top level tags then bookmark that. Doesn’t work on iPhone.

@James_I please could you explain this with an example as I don’t understand.

Hi Peter - here is what I mean:

If you have a tag called “70s Music,” you could name the tag “70s Music (Era Tag)”

Then, when you display all tags, use the Focus funnel and insert "Era Tag) and then only the tags with that text string will be displayed. Then bookmark that so you can get back to it without the manual effort. Make sense?

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Thanks for this, I understand now. Do you know if you can use the main ‘Focus’ tool to search your own tags? I see the Roon tags come up under ‘genre’ but not my own made tags.

Got it; smart!

See the Tag icon right next to Focus - so yes, but not with the same button.