Tailscale implementation with ARC to circumnavigate ISP CGNAT

Yes if it’s above minimum spec i have it on a 720+.
You need it install the package as detailed below, no reason why tailscale should not work though.


Thanks again. I think I’m going to try to figure out why I can’t connect ARC to ROCK even when I am home on my local network as it doesn’t appear Tailscale should even have an affect in that scenario.

Has ROCK been updated to support ARC? I don’t use it myself, but that’d be something I’d confirm.

Yes, it has.

This looks as if it might be the only way forward for me, as my ISP (EE in UK) uses CG NAT (apparently). I have ROCK on a NUC wired to modem. My data is held on a usb drive connected to the NUC. The NUC is the only machine on all the time (I got it to avoid having to leave another computer always on) so I guess that Tailscale would have to go on the NUC. But how to do that, what version of tailscale I might want, is a complete mystery. Any suggestions very welcome. I have very little understanding of networking BTW (probalby already apparent)

Sorry to say I don’t think that’s possible. You need to have a machine running tailscale and the NUC will only run ROCK.

Thanks for taking the time to answer Andy. I do have a NAS, currently mostly turned off and only on for backups from time to time. It’s a WD MYCloud, so not one of the more sophisticated. Would I have a better chance with installing and running tailscale on there?

Not sure about that model. If it runs apps and tailscale have one for it you should try. The important bit is that it should create a subnet router. You would need to find instructions to do that for a WD Mycloud.

I did think of removing Rock from my NUC and installing Ubuntu server, I could then run both Tailscale and Roonserver on. the same machine. However I found an Raspberry Pi4 tucked away and that now runs Ubuntu with Tailscale. The RPi4 now acts as Tailscale subnet router, the Rock NUC and Roon Arc seem perfectly happy with the Tailscale VPN.

Thanks again. Looks like my NAS isn’t supported. I sweated over setting up my NUC (had never heard of one before) so revisiting that for occasional ARC use is not an option. Looks like I’ll have to wait for better Internet provision - might be a while.

In fairness there are still issues running tailscale and ARC on the phone. Battery consumption is very high. To the point where it probably only suits people who have their phone connected to power while using it.

Like you I’m waiting for better provision from Roon. I won’t hold my breath.

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I was referring to a wait for better internet provision where I live. I left cable for 4g a couple of years ago as it wasn’t possible to get anything approaching a usable service over the old copper wires to my house. If Roon can come up with a better way of accessiing my home newtwork with my present ISP that would be good. Remote use of Roon is a long way from being a deal breaker for me

Have someone tested ist with a QNAP NAS? What would be needed?

Yes. You have short answer in the first post in this thread and a bit longer in my entry a few posts below.

Thank you so much for this thread. My carrier does cgnat, too (1&1, Germany), with seemingly no way around it. With the help of your post, I was able to set up tailscale on a synology nas, the core being on a nuc running rock. It took some experimenting, but it seems to work, I am able to play music via arc when I’m not connected to my home wifi.
Great success!
Now let’s wait for tailscale to fix battery consumption, and for roon to implement something similar into rock.

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Just don’t forget you need to turn off the VPN in your phone settings if you have battery issues.
Just killing the app does not work.

Pleased it helped you. I had no idea about Tailscale or VPN’s in general until ARC came along so I thought other people might be in the same situation.

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I am in a similar situation, Roon Rock on my NUC. I have a 4g Huawei router which won’t allow me access to Roon core using ARC. I’ve followed your guide and associated links and it looks like it works on my Android phone.
I just want to know why :slight_smile: How does it know that it should use the subnet router route on the Synology NAS ?
Is it because I have the Tailscale App running on my phone too ?
FYI If I run the ARC setup on Roon Controller on my PC it still says that ARC will not work.
But It Does :slight_smile: Thanks.

Roon only will see it as working when port forwarding is setup and meets their criteria as that’s what it’s been developed to use and checks for, so no port forwarding Roon can’t check if arc is working outside network so it will say doesn’t.

In really simple terms your Roon core believes your phone is on your home network. It doesn’t see the Tailscale app and the VPN tunnel.

To complicate matters slightly. Roon remote doesn’t work in a VPN tunnel because it utilises a more complex network communication method. When Roon released ARC it uses network communication that can be tunnelled by VPN.

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