Take Five has the wrong composers and probably wrong arranger

I’m pretty sure that “Take Five” made famous by Dave Brubeck was composed by Paul Desmond. But, Roon’s match on my copy of “Time Out” give other stuff for the track. I’ll try to post the picture.

Hi @Michael_Metts,

Thanks for the report. The team will investigate. Are you able to supply a copy of the local file you have for the QA team to have a look? If so, you can upload it here: https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/collection/nqcgjac23027d90a441bda2c314de49d7958a/external

Mingus I’m sure would laugh it off, but I believe Davis accused Brubeck of having “no swing.”

Johnny Mercer’s listing with Bennett leads me to believe this composition data is actually from another jazz standard unassociated with Brubeck.

Hi Connor,

Thanks. Yes, I’ll upload my file.


This is a known issue. Please see:

It’s now fixed on our servers, but it may take up to a week for the metadata to correct itself in your library.

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