Taking a subset of my collection "on the road"

I have a couple terabytes of DSF and FLAC stored on and served from my NAS. This all works great with Roon via smb. I have a MacBook that I take back and forth to work, as well as use predominantly when at home, with a subset of my music (a couple hundred gigabytes) stored locally on the SSD.

Since the locally stored music is a strict subset of what’s on the NAS, I don’t want to add the local folder to Roon else I’ll get duplicates. However, once I leave home, Roon loses connection to my NAS and has no music. It’s almost as if I’d like to have separate “home” and “work”…profiles?.. that allow for different watched library folders depending on the situation.

Short of punching holes in my firewall to access my NAS (not high on my list of life goals), does anyone else have a solution for this?


When, you are not connected at home, Add the local storage as a watched location. you can turn on and off locations. So when you go to work turn off the home location and visa versa.

This is of no help to you - rugbys comment seems like a good idea - but I’m often staggered at the amount of music people have. I thought my 800-odd CDs was a big collection, but it’s nothing compared to many on here! 2TB!!!
Hats off to you. Good luck getting the setup working btw.