Taking Bets When Roon Will Update Home Page

Time for a bit of tongue and cheek.

While it is clear that Roon is a great way to play music, it seems development efforts do not focus on their home page. They list awards from half a decade ago and show only TIDAL as the streaming service when they now integrate with Qobuz but you’d never know it from the home page. Five years is an eternity to update a home page. I can only assume all their effort goes into other things that make Roon great.

However, I think this is worthy of a challenge. Let’s bet on when Roon will actually update their home page so people won’t think they’re half out of business. The person who posts a date closest to the actual day of the home page update will win…something… of nominal value and a souvenir from my home town Chicago.

To start off, the date I select is 02/22/2022.


What do you mean the home page is out of date? It features such cutting edge artists as Johann Sebastian Bach and Miles Davis on the rolling animation! Agreed, I don’t think that page has changed in the 3 years I have been Rooning. Other pages have though (Pricing, Nucleus and Partners pages most noticeably). However, judging by some of the Support posts, the most unread page has to be the ‘How Roon Works’ section of the site. The Roon Knowledge Base is also fairly well hidden.

My guess is they will update it sometime later this year, lets say November, so 01/11/20 is my pick.

haha i don’t think i’ve been to the roon homepage since I downloaded Roon like 18 months ago. (Although i’ve accessed the download page, obviously.)

OK, Anthony. You are now in the contest. Here’s wishing you good luck! Thanks for playing!!

If you can accept my promise that I have no special knowledge about Roon’s plans here then I would certainly like to be in the running for the nominal value souvenir of Chicago. Who could pass up such an opportunity ?

I’m going to say 28/2/21, just because it’s past the holiday period.

Feb 28 or Feb 21? :thinking:

Andybob, you are a moderator and KB Editor, whatever that is. However I tend to think anyone involved with Roon is an upstanding individual of impeccable character and keeps their word. I accept your promise. I also assume the date you picked is Feb 28, 2021. Is that correct?

Mods are volunteer users, so not a Roon employee. As for the rest, well my daughters still claim I said we were going to the zoo when we last had them vaccinated about 20 years ago, but my recollection is I said “It’s a surprise” and I’m sticking to that.

Yes please, 28 February, 2021.


I am going for Nov 15th, 2024.
A bit of provocation here to shake Roon Chief Marketing & Sales Officer ( never heard of the position, He/She must be in Google Cloud with the rest of the infrastructure, ooops provocation again)

Alec, your entry is noted. I’ll start collecting Chicago knickknacks. I don’t think I’ll need to rush this. My hunch is I’ll have plenty of time!

I’m in for 25th May 2020. Next Monday. I’m shaking the tree. Let’s see what falls out! :joy:

If box sets and bugfixes are anything to go by it won’t be done by the end of time. Your nicknacks are safe.


Henry, that is a brave bet! It would be amazing if that happens. At least this way we’ll know very soon if you win!

I’m thinking a deep dish pizza skillet repurposed to something useful ?


Who said I’m taking requests? :slight_smile:

I was thinking more along the lines of something from here: http://www.superdawg.com/

Perhaps it is just as well…

The link works fine here. Superdawg is a Chicago institution and not too far from my house. You can learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superdawg

The hot debate in Chicago is whether you can put ketchup on a hot dog or not. Obviously we have our priorities here.

I do appreciate the light-hearted nature of this post - buuut, I’m gonna defend the Roon team here. For starters, I’m a recent subscriber (actually, still on trial but will definitely subscribe) and was introduced to Roon via the homepage. It did the trick for me - I quickly grasped the concept and appreciated that it clearly communicated it’s value prop. So, well done there. Second, as for old awards and accolades, I still have my debate trophy from high school sitting on my desk, so who cares how old it is! As for Miles Davis and Beethoven, well, if it were Jay-Z and Blake Shelton I would have turned away in disgust. So, for me, stay focused developers on making Roon great and get to a nip and tuck on the homepage when you can! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

There is no debate. This native Chicagoan knows that ketchup on a hot dog is not allowed.

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Peter, we are not in disagreement on how awesome Roon is. Roon has literally changed my life for the better. The reason I bought a lifetime license is because my local audio dealer introduced me to Roon. But I’ll also admit when I landed on the home page, I had my doubts when I saw industry awards from four years ago. First impressions do matter for some folks, or at least make them wonder if the rest of the platform is as out-of-date as their home page.

This light-hearted nudge is to hopefully get Roon to act. You never know how many people took a pass after seeing an outdated home page. I’d hate to see anyone miss out on the most awesome music playing format ever developed. I want Roon to get as many new subscribers as possible.

I also agree with your music choices, although I might like to see a Snarky Puppy, or Joss Stone album added to the mix!