Taking Roon Playlists Mobile

I just had surgery, so I have 6 weeks of recovery time just laying around the house (listening to music, of course). I’m greatly enjoying a 6 month trial of Roon (and Tidal). However, I know that by the end of the summer it will be back to the normal grind, and most of my music listening will be done in the car and at the gym. I’m open to purchasing Roon and continuing the Tidal subscription, but only if there is some way to automatically sync personal playlists, favorites, etc. both ways between the home database and mobile devices. Am I missing the mechanism for doing this?

Hi Andy,

Best wishes for the recovery. Will you be listening to relaxing healing ambient drones or punk ska (good for physio) ?

A mobile solution is on the roadmap for Roon, but nothing has been announced yet. I would guess this is a medium to long term thing (be surprised if it happened this year) because the technical considerations aren’t trivial.

In the meantime, @Jeff_Bellune has shown us how to export Roon playlists to Spotify and then to Tidal but it’s a pretty clunky process. I’d like to see Roon do better here given the close Tidal integration.

What do you think @mike and @palbratelund ?