Tartan Discussion

Hi @Martin_Webster

Please can the Tartan off-topic posts, mine included be placed in a separate thread

‘Which Tartan For Roon?’

I’ve taken up too much of this thread from @Rocco_Capobianco


A Kilt perhaps? Apparently it’s nice for some fresh air “down under” :rofl:


Now kilts cost a wee bit more I’m afraid.

13 or 16oz per linear yard.

16oz is more suited for colder climates.

Need to decide on which tartan.

Which tartan reflects Roon?

Letting Roon search for tartan…

Apparently Elton John has the answer to that question.

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This is the Wilsons’ 42nd Band tartan. It’s music related.

And this is my native clan


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Now, is that you?!

Lol, no. However, I am MacFhearghuis on my mother’s side.

This was me aged 31 - not a Menzies kilt :roll_eyes:


I’m a yank so I feel far removed from any scots traditions, I’ve never even been there. So, it would feel like co-opting to me, I’m a Texan/ New Yorker hybrid.

Well I must insist you visit. :scotland:

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Visited their castle on my trip through Scotland years ago.

And they have their own tartan colors as well.

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There must be an Irish equivalent tartan , O’Neill is a fairly common Irish name :sunglasses:

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It’ll need to be a patchwork kilt then


Done. Please let me know if I’ve missed any.

Thank you

I’ll peek later at the other thread. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Have a wonderful Ancient Munro tartan that wore when I married my Scottish wife. She was from around Hamilton area. We have not visited in far too long. Miss riding over there.


I can’t believe I missed this discussion. I get the kilt out at every possible opportunity. Finlayson is a sept of Clan Farquaharson, so Farquaharson is my family tartan:

The clan motto is “Fide et Fortitudine”, by faith and fortitude.


Munro is the simple: Dread God