Taylor Swift 1989 long on Qobuz. Not available on ROON, not even via the Qobuz playlist

Taylor Swifts 1989 (Taylor’s version) has been out for days on Qobuz. Still not available on ROON?

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It won’t have made the cutoff for Friday releases. It will show up in a day or so when they next sync databases to Roon. Pretty standard due to how Roon works. Search the forum or the knowledge base it explains all this as Roon houses its own database which it uses to allow the adding and editing of streaming albums.

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Maybe it’s a regional thing (US here), but Qobuz shows it was released yesterday, not days ago, in which case what @Simon_Arnold3 said applies.

Sometimes you can get new Qobuz releases to show in Roon by favoriting it in Qobuz, then go into Roon and force sync with Qobuz (Settings - Services - Edit next to Qobuz - Sync Library Now).

Edit: The above didn’t work with this particular album. :frowning:

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That only works if it was in the database update but Roons still processing it all behind the scenes I find. On Friday it takes a while for them all to start showing up that was in the last db sync.

Thanks for the explanation. I wasn’t sure why it works on some new releases but not others.

Btw, I just tried it with Peter Gabriel’s latest single, released today, and it worked.:+1:

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Thanks. I tried searching but it’s pretty rudimentary. I guess some AI would help here :nerd_face:
Shame that it’s a weekly cutt off. IMHO these are events that should be catered for specifically as the impact is there. In my case the fans had to go elsewhere versus using ROON.

As it’s all about the music experience I’d advise ROON to make sure these highly anticipated releases (like the new Stones album) are synced the moment they are dropped.

The album in question is now available via Qobuz playlist sync. Not yet via artists discography search though :man_shrugging:

Not weekly it’s several times a week, if Qobuz add it late to their database it gets missed until next one nothing Roon can do if Qobuz add it late. Same for Tidal and KKbox. Having it sync everyday is likely too demanding on service and Roons database. It’s the trade off having Roon be able to do what it can do. You would just be like every other app and just use the APi which you can’t modify or add data to otherwise and organise the way you can in Roon with tags, bookmarks etc.

Actually, we sync daily and would like to sync even more frequently. Unfortunately the releases reached Qobuz very late (Friday afternoon) which is extremely unusual as this wasn’t a surprise drop. They are available on Qobuz via Roon now.


Daily that’s good to know, I take it the rest of time is for it process?

I listened to it on Saturday I had to use Tidal Connect. I also have Qobuz as well but Roon really has issues with updating albums.

I also had some issues with albums when they drop Friday morning. I see some here and there but they show unavailable

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