Teac NT-505 and upconverting

I’d love to hear from both Teac users (503 & 505) as well as other DAC owners. Are you having your DAC upconvert? If so, to what, and can we talk about filters while we’re at it?

I know the theory behind why one might want to do this (I currently am not), but don’t really know if I should or shouldn’t.

For those that are, are you upconverting to PCM or DSD? Anybody have strong feelings one way or the other?

I am choosing to let Roon do it. I have flirted briefly with upsampling and filters but I have let Roon do any heavy lifting and left my 505 to simply deal with what it sees (all through the Ethernet input).


I’d love to dive a little deeper into this. What are you having Roon upconvert too, and what’s the advantage of having it done in software rather than hardware (your DAC)?

The DAC can upconvert to to rates much higher than can stream from Roon over Ethernet (PCM 192 vs 768, DSD 512 vs 128), so I guess a general question might be, if you were going to upconvert at all, why not upconvert to the highest rate your DAC will allow?

Roon upconverts potentially to the maximum DSD of the network input (DSD128). I have an i7 8700 to do that which I think is the better way of doing things. I will sit down in a couple of weeks and have a play with the settings but my experiments so far don’t show any real advantage one way or the other so I set it to give the NT-505 as little to do as possible.