TEAC NT-505 Roon Ready?

The yet to be released TEAC NT-505 is advertising itself as Roon Ready.

To the Roon folks, is this true and did you get any pre-production units?

There is a footnote that specifies that it’s meant to be a future upgrade.

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Hmm, link please.

I’ve never seen that in any product announcements or reviews. That would definitely change my purchase decision.



Thanks for the link but I don’t read Japanese and I don’t have a Chrome browser to translate. The American/European site makes no mention of the NT-505. I’ll keep what you say in mind and double check when 505 comes out officially.


To be fair it does say ‘Roon Ready’ in the middle of all that japanese

Yes, but does it say “Roon Ready” now or “Roon Ready” later?

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Could be what I’ve been looking for to partner my lonely Quad 306 if it comes in at the right price.

I have Chrome …

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@Carl, fantastic, thanks for your help. As it turns out I had already read this on another site, didn’t know it was a duplicate.

@wklie, I don’t see the caveat you referenced, but thanks for the tip as I will keep it in mind.

@jobseeker, currently Amazon sells the previous model (NT-503) for $1000.

Here the NT-505 is selling for 1400 Euros. -


That site also has an english spec sheet though it doesn’t mention Roon. Looks like an interesting device, though was hoping it might be a bit cheaper…

Yeah, that spec was in the post I linked to. Roon’s not mentioned in the spec sheet, but it is mentioned on the same site where it is actually selling the 505. Very confusing.

I guess we will have to wait, unless as I OP’d, @support has anything to add about their certification/testing of the device.

I just added this footnote to the translation:

※ 1 The timing of distribution service to Japan is undecided. (As of October 2017)

※ 2 Scheduled to be installed

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Thanks for the update; thought I was having another senior moment.:laughing:

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Whether or not we have a unit isn’t really the important question–sometimes we get units months before development starts and they sit idle. Sometimes we get hardware overnighted to us late in the process. Some companies take a month or more to respond and fix issues that come up in review. Others take a few hours. There are devices that have shown up and made it through certification in 72hrs or less, and others that have been “in review” for close to a year.

Every manufacturer is different…and it’s not really good for us to be exposing all of the details of their timelines to the public. These are their projects, and there are always lots of details that we are not privy to, so even the information we have is not usually directly able to predict their schedules.

You can find the list of stuff that has made it through the review process here. This list is authoritative on what is/isn’t “Roon Ready”, and it’s the first place where we update/publish the fact that a product is certified. As you can see, this device is not yet certified.

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They mention it as roon end-point.

Not NT 505 but from the same product family

Thanks, didn’t even know this product existed.

Seems a little unfocused, what with being Roon Ready and having a CD player. It isn’t a ripper, after all. These Swiss Army knife approaches usually don’t sell too well.

Like all TEAC stuff, it’s beautifully machined, but 2500 Euros is a little too dear.

Surprisingly this figure matches (after currency conversion) an unofficial price I found from a Japanese web site.

NR-7CD includes an integrated amplifier as well. When/If it becomes Roon Ready, it’ll become one of the few Roon Ready amplifiers. I believe this type of product is meant to offer an “all-in-one” solution excluding speakers. The “R” in NR-7CD means Reference, as reflected in its price. (Lumin M1 is another Roon Ready amplifier at a lower price point, with network input and RCA input only.)

By the way, NT-505/NR-7CD/N-05/N-01 (in ascending order of price) include an OpenHome network player feature that operate exactly like a Lumin.

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When will the NT-505 support Roon?

As far as I can see, the most recent spec from TEAC still says that Roon/MQA will be a future firmware update.