TEAC UD501: Custom Icon Requested

Hello community,

i am currently testing (and setting up) Roon.

This is the audio setup I am primarily and currently using:

Computer: Mac Air w/ i5, 4GB Ram, 128 GB SSD, OS Sierra 10.12.3
DAC: the above mentioned Teac UD 501 (connected via USB)

The problem:
This DAC is listed in the category Roon Tested DACs, but Roon can’t identify the DAC.

On the Screenshot you see this, I gave this DAC/ Zone the name “Teac UD 501”.
If I didn’t misunderstand something here, shouldn’t it be identified as a Roon Tested DAC in the Settings Menu, and thus also show some additional information when clicking on the signal path?

I’ve restarted the PC, tried different ports. Firmware of the DAC can’t be upgraded (correct me if I am wrong here, at least I found no information on Teac’s website).

Or did i misunderstood this concept and is such additional information only shown when using devices different then DACs? Or is this only visible using Windows (might be something with the USB system? ) ? Or only when using an additional RoonBridge?

Thank you for your replies.

not sure what you’re meaning there :confused:

is the DAC working? if so… that’s it :wink:
if you mean instead no “custom icon”… I believe you only see one for RoonReady devices

Yes, I meant the custom icon thing which is for example shown here:

I don’t fully understand why in my linked picture there is the Meridian showing up,
because the Meridian brand is “only” listed under Roon tested DACs:


Is it thus not a RoonReady device?

I am completely fine with my DAC working, no problems here, but it would just be more
“great” to see such a logo in the footer, if you know what I mean :grin:


Will describe what Roon Ready means. It applies to devices which have the Roon network code embedded in them so that all you need to do is plug in a network cable and have gone through a specific certification process with Roon.

Not every DAC has a custom logo. And whether one exists or not is no indication of anything at all except that the devs decided to make one for that particular device. Since, what you are actually asking for is a custom Icon for the Teac UD-501, I am moving this to Feature Requests.