Technical question

tidal, roon and HQP …
how is tidal input from roon handled?
the network signal (tidal) connected by cable to the server core where there is roon and sends streaming to HQP?
I have roon core installed on the server where HQP also resides
Core that is getting the streams from Tidal, but does it receive them from the network (cable modem) or through the control app ? (wifi tablet)
in short … is the control app that sends to the roon core tidal? … with wifi?
and the roon core streamings tidal to HQP ?

Here’s the set-up guide

Tidal to roon core to HQ Player which can be on the same machine as core or on the network.

thanks for the link, but my question was “how does tidal get to roon core”?
via the tablet wifi or via the network cable connected to the server?

The music signal always goes through Roon Core, but only goes to a Control device if it is also being used as an Output zone.

So Roon receives Tidal from your modem, not your tablet.

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thanks :+1: :ok_hand:

thanks ! :+1: :ok_hand: