Technics SL-G700 and SL-G700m2 - Roon Ready?


I have the SL-G700 and am a lifetime Roon subscriber. I read that the soon to be available SL-G700m2 will be Roon Ready. Can a firmware update be expected to make both streamers Roon Ready? I’d like to keep my SL-G700 but really feel that I would benefit from having it working at its best with Roon. It would be nice to have FLAC files play at full resolution rather than downsample to 44.1 kHz.


Roon will probably not comment on this as it is on Technics to get certified.
Technics will need to answer it.

They may not even read the forums here.

Thanks Paul. I just sent off an email to Technics.

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I was waiting for the M2 to come out before I bought.

I called my HiFi dealer that carries Technics. He told me he stopped carrying Technics since they moved to China as the quality was not what is was when the factory was in Japan.

Something to consider, Roon Ready not withstanding.

The higher end models are not made in China. Check out the reviews. Hard to beat actually. The reviews rave. The SL-G700 I have is built like a tank. The SACD player is superb too.

I almost never trust reviews.

They are made in Malaysia. Still a step down from Japan, according to my dealer. He stop carrying Technics because of the drop in quality, but as you wish. I was disappointed.

Just a heads up in case you didn’t know that the MK2 wasn’t Japanese.

If you get a chance, check one out. I love mine. I had Goldnote DS-10+ with additional power supply before it. That was nice too. I was reluctant to move it, but I wanted a disc player and was impressed with the streaming capabilities of the Technics. With that said, I don’t see myself moving what I have for the newest model. I’d think the price difference would be a big deterrent. I’m happy to hear they are going to be Roon Ready so fingers crossed the updates will make there way to the original version. Hopefully Technics will get back to me. Time will tell.

You are spreading myths and legends, and besides, you are insulting Malaysians - think before you write another awkwardness…

Are you using Google translate?

I am simply repeating what a dealer, who has carried Technics for a long time, told me and that because of that I decided not to buy the unit.

BTW - That dealer isn’t the only critic of the move. There’s a lot of controversy online over it.

Agree with that.

awkwardness in meaning: “I apologize for the awkwardness between you and my husband” for example. May be “to write awkwardness” is a kind of language awkwardness but being a Malaysian, you may not feel such language nuances. Excuse me.

Firmware update supporting Roon is live as of this morning. Finally!

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Hip hip hooray for all those Malaysians .!!! :wink: Enjoy it !

Grand Class SL-G700 Firmware
Update Version —
Update Date — Jul. 24, 2023

Support Roon high resolution playback of Chromecast. HI_RES_AUDIO_SUPPORTED flag is finally implemented. Now max 96kHz/24bit, and previously it was 48/24.

I’ve been waiting two and a half years for this. Thank you, Technics engineers!


It sounds great at 192 as well. Better? I don’t know. Not sure I have the ears to hear it. At this point, Chromecast maxes out at 96 kHz in Roon. Outside of Roon, I can get higher. Audirvana will play at 192 kHz. Flac files play through the USB direct at 192 as well. I prefer the Roon environment over the options. So 96 kHz it is.

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