Tell us yer most embarrassing Roon fail

We’ve all done it. You start up Roon expecting to hear music, but then there’s a problem. Under muttered imprecations about computers, digital music and complexity in general you investigate and find a huge case of user error. So tell us your most embarrassing fail !

Two nights ago I swapped from HQP NAA to Roon Bridge. Couldn’t hear anything. Restarted server, mR and DAC. Couldn’t hear anything. Roon was playing, DAC was responding to changes in resolution. No sound !

Power amps were off.

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After two month of testing and getting ready for the big party at my house, The day of I went ahead and move my Sonos speakers from the inside of the house to the out side… Brought all my Sonos online and everything was pitch perfect!.. Lo and behold! 1hr or so… before my big party was going to Start my Sonos speakers stop working!!! ARGHHH!.. Reboot it the Roon Server… Power on and off the Sonos speakers (All 3 of them) move my Squeezeboxes downstairs for trouble shooting… All worked fine except my Sonos speakers which where out side… I decided to move one of the Sonos inside and the damn thing worked just fine! WTF! First invitee comes in… OMG… I am freaking out… Than I see my son running tors me with a white box in his hands… I said to my self… Wait… is that the backyard AP??? YES… My not so smart me put the AP underneath the laptop table thinking nobody was going to be able to touch it or disconnect it… Tell that to my Dog! He found a new toy! My son found him playing with it… Lucky me that it was inside the weather proof case and he didn’t rip the power cable… My wife comes up to me and tells me… You see… Sometimes you have to use a simple mind… Not everything is complex… My son was laughing… Making fun of me because I keep rebooting and turning off everything and freaking out… I was as red as I could be… LOL :blush:

Right on time, Music was online and Roon did an awesome job! :smiley:


Always happens when i am tinkering/upgrading/tweaking. I convince myself that the proposed change will work logically and then set about making the change. However i have that seed of doubt that my proposed change will not really work or that i am out of my depth. The more expensive the change, the more stress. The upshot of this is that this stress manifests itself in fundamental errors. So, 3 hours of swearing, throwing things about, vowing to “never again touch the system because every time i do i break something”. "perhaps the volume is just turned down darling ? " "Of course it isn’t you don’t know what you…are…talking…aah. Its painful and its happened more than once…


Great idea for a topic!

I like the idea too but I’ve changed the topic just so we keep in the context of roon, which is where I’m assuming it’s intended to be.

Nothing major here but I often overlook setting the correct zone and Voila! No music. It amuses SWMBO

Inadvertently deleting my focus information. Lost about the first six months. Live and learn…:slight_smile: