Temporada de Verão Ao Vivo Na Bahia wrong credits

the credits are completely wrong. the 3 main artists do only sing, gal costa does not play sax or any other instrument…

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi

Can you try submitting a correction to this album’s AllMusic page? It may take some time to make its way to Roon, but this would help to make sure it gets fixed at the source.

In the meantime, a manual correction in your database should get things working for you.


I’ve already done it.
But, till now… i’ve never received any answer from the allmusic page, for any of the error corrections i’ve reported.

The manual corrections in Roon… are in general a nightmare. It’s ok when you have to correct one credit… not when you have to correct them all.
With the problem that if you forget of the edits, and (for any reason) try to re-identify the album… you lose all the edits.
So basically the best option is always to un-identify the album… and that’s not always a solution (it does not act at composition level).

I’ve been submitting corrections to AllMusic for two years, with precise indication of the source. After one/two months of great feedback, they suddenly stopped accepting them. I also emailed some of them with a scan of the liner notes attached as a proof, but they didn’t accept any and answered that they cannot take credits from liner notes (so where do they take them? Never had an answer despite my request). So I kindly posted my questions in AllMusic feedback forum searching for an explanation but never received an answer (and they generally answer to other posts).

At this point it seems the only way to import corrections in Roon is through MusicBrainz, but it is not enough for all metadata. And the problem is not referred only to credits, but also to missing albums in AllMusic (a number submitted using their FAQ instructions, only two of them accepted with very incomplete data), labels, catalog numbers, release dates… that a manual edit unfortunately cannot solve once for all.

It would be great to find a solution because Roon offers a great experience but it seems to me that it largely relies on AllMusic, and the latter is frankly disappointing!
Maybe @support knows the reason why AllMusic no longer accepts users’ submissions? I’m very curious about it, if they know and are allowed to answer to this. And I thank Roon staff in advance for their patience and excellent service, because they replace AllMusic in correcting data on our request!

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My solution:
add a “prefer file” option for the album/track credits (as the actual “prefer file” for album title, main artist, release date and so on).
I accept the fact that roon metadata cannot be always complete or correct. in that case, i want the chance to ignore them and use file tags.

clearly, this does not work for missing albums.