Temporarily Cancelling Qobuz

I am relatively new to Roon and Qobuz. My initial impression is positive on both fronts. My expectation is that some months I will listen to little music and therefore, it makes sense to suspend Qobuz and re-start later, listening to my personal music collection on Roon.

If I do this, will Roon retain my Qobuz favourites, playlists etc?

Any help would be welcome.


Mine seem to have done this, just unsubscribe but don’t close account.
But not sure if mine did it because I have purchased music.

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Thanks Phil

That is encouraging and I have also purchased music, which may help.

I had a Qobuz trial account last year and if I sign-in now all the albums I favourited load into Roon. Unlike TIDAL you can have an active account without subscription.

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Thanks Martin

Sounds good.

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