Temporary Core Machine, Authorisation issue

Roon Core Machine

IMac (2021) current OS. 8 gigs of RAM.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Music files on an outboard HD with wired connection (USB)

Connected Audio Devices

Outboard HD connected with USB.

Number of Tracks in Library

Almost a terrabyte.

Description of Issue

Having a problem.

My Roon core is on my other Mac, which is in the shop. And, Roon won’t let me access my music files on this older Mac (2011). They want me to buy another subscription. Help.

I’m temporarily using an older Mac because the one with my Roon core on it is in the shop. You want me to buy another subscription, but the other Mac should be back soon. Unnecessary.

You can use your core on the the other Mac, just sign it will ask for you to deauthorise the other one just do it and your up and running. If you have a backup of your database restore it to that code an job done.

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I don’t remember how exactly the UI looks, but when signing into your temporary Core you should be given the option to either unauthorize your regular Core (there should be a button for that) OR to buy an additional subscription. You only need a second subscription if you want to run two cores at the same time. Otherwise you may switch the subscription between two cores. See here:

Thanks. Worked.

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