Temporary use of different computer?

The laptop on which I use Roon is in the shop for two weeks. ( Bad USB port.) Any reason why I can’t load Roon on my old laptop temporarily?

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No, not at all. You can switch between PC’s laptop, whatever.

In Preferences/General there’s a “Disconnect” button beside “Core” but… it’s definitely too late to click on it :wink:

I think you can install Roon on another machine and, during setup, set it as Core which should (not sure) de-authorize the computer it was running on before

yes, it will ask you when you try to run roon on the other computer. Simple to switch back and forth…

thanks for asking this. I’m planning a long-distance relocation in which I’ll be shipping my desktop and relying on a laptop for a month or so. Looks like I have one less thing to worry about here. :slight_smile:

If you use a different core, without restoring from a library backup, won’t you lose any customization and/or tags you have created?

Of cause with a clean install you loose “everything”. A backup is the way to go if you have may things you like to preserve.

To be more precise here, you won’t lose changes made on the first machine by using a second. However they won’t automatically transfer.

If you will be accessing the same music and you have a copy of your database you could load it onto the second machine. It just depends on how many changes you have made and whether you can live without these while you wait to go back to your original machine.

I understand that you will “loose” (sic) everything. I was asking a rhetorical question to the original poster.

It’s important to be precise, or to at least correct people you think have made an erroneous statement.