Ten Feet Away and Squinting

Immersed in a great Roon Radio listening session, enjoying the Roon 1.8 enhancements, sipping on some whiskey, bathed in fantastic sound, and … Still squinting to read on my TV screen 10 ft away.

Can we. PLEASE!? Have the ability to adjust font sizes within the UI to make the 10 ft experience satisfactory!?


Buy an ipad or android tablet, with those the (v1.8) GUI is HUGE! Honestly, trying to please everyone in every situation must be close to impossible… which is exactly why Roon needs customization options.

Bathed in whiskey, sipping on fantastic sound. The experience is best this way round :sweat_smile:

Yeah, or I need to get longer arms…

I actually have an iPad Pro, but it is sometimes in use by the wife. However, tablet or not, I don’t think this is an edge use case. I would venture to guess a good percentage of Roon users have a large screen TV in their main listening space, and the UI just doesn’t support interacting with Roon’s feature set (other than parts of ‘Now Playing’) that way.

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Why would you want to look at a TV screen whilst listening to music.
Do you play music on headphones whilst watching TV.

Better Whisky (Scotch) than Whiskey (Irish).