'Test'-license vs 'Production'-license


Is there an easy way to create and maintain a seperate ‘test’ vs ‘production’ environment with one license please ? I do like to play around with the systems and then my wife comes home and expects a stable environment. The switch between ‘test’ and ‘production’ may happen several times a day.

I consider a lifetime subscription but taking two subscriptions just to be able to have a test - production environment is very expensive.



Hey @Georgethesixth – you should be able to swap your Roon folder in and out. So, just install and run, then later, rename folder to Roon_test. Then install again, run, and have happy wife.

Later, Roon folder gets renamed to Roon_production, and Roon_test goes back to just Roon.

As long as you’re moving the entire Roon folder, you should be able to go back and forth without issue – I do it every day between our various internal test branches and the current production release. Let me know if that works for you.

Sounds great, thanks !

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