Testers wanted: Synology Installer update

Hello everybody,
I made quite a few changes in the Synology Installer in the last days and created a new Roon Server for Synology spk.

Changes / Improvements:

  • Added option for offline install (instructions will follow)
  • Rewritten database directory handling, to prevent errors due to unplugged (usb)-drives while RoonServer was running
  • Added error messages to be hopefully helpful this time
  • Rewritten text in the installation wizard to be more clear
  • The Synology RoonServer log file is now stored in the root directory of the “RoonServer” shared folder
  • More logging info, that might be helpful for debugging issues
  • Changed handling of Roon ID, to be streamlined with the other NAS brands.

So why beta?
I had no issues on my Diskstation with it and see currently no potential issue. Nevertheless I labeled it with a beta tag as it has changes on how it references to the Roon Server database path (further info below)

One issue, which I am aiming to solve with this version, is when a drive gets unplugged while Roon Server is running.
Due to the fact that Roon Server is still running, it keeps on writing to the path of the unplugged drive and creates a new “RoonServer” folder at the mount point of the drive.
This could lead to a filled up system partition and if the drive is plugged in again, it can’t mounted at its original path (due to the folder which was created by Roon Server when the drive was unplugged).

With this beta spk, I mount a small (100kb) non-writable filesystem to /mnt and after that, the database directory on top of that. If a drive gets unplugged now, Roon Server won’t be able to keep on writing to that directory, (because it is now a tiny non writable directory).

As always and just to be safe: Create a backup of your Roon Server database.

The testing version is available at the roononnas.org website.


I’m happy to test. Can I just install the beta package on top of the old one or do I need to uninstall first?

I just installed your beta and no issues so far

I’ll try the beta version over the weekend. Thanks for the great work!

Hello Christoper

I can test the beta as well for you.

Thank you

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I installed the beta version last Friday. I had no problems with installation etc. All seems nice and stable! I’ll let you know if anything of note occurs.

Thanks again for your great work.

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I am a new user and would be happy to test as well. Currently running the general release version. I assume I can install the beta over this version? Will report any issues…

I installed the beta version on my DS1513+ without issues. Seems stable at this time. Will monitor and report back! Thank you for your hard work keeping the software updated…

So far this beta build as been very stable and performance is good even on my DS1513+ on spinning disk. Of course during the initial scan I could see some sluggish behavior but I set it to 2 core Fast so to be expected.

I assume this will eventually go general release at some point. How will we be informed? Just keep checking the site? Thanks!