Testing Roon. Amazing, beautiful, but missing Chromecast Audio, VST pluggins and MQA support

Hi, after getting a DragonFly Red to use with my Tidal HIFI+Maratz amp+B&W Matrix 804+HD800 headphones, I decided to test Roon using the audioquest coupon. One week testing and I´m afraid I can´t even think about going back to Tidal´s win app. Amazing program. Beautiful. Great sound control and quality, user interface and network capabilties.

I´m just missing three things:

Chromecast audio support for zones. Also VST plugins compatibilities also for zones… and, yes, MQA support to be use with the Dragonfly Red (as the Tidal native win app has).

Related to VST, I use a headphone a lot to enjoy my music collection (mainly classical) and the Waves NX plugin is very important to me.

Any plans about Chromecast, VST or MQA support in the near future of Roon?

Last thing: trying to substitute the Waves NX plugin with what is already available in Roon, any place, web, to get a IR binaural impulse (wav stereo format) to be use with the Convolution module in order to improve the headphone listening sessions?

Thanks a lot! and congratulations to developers.

MQA is coming soon. Chromecast is on the roadmap but we just don’t know here.

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Have you searched the forum… lots of discussion to catch up with.

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Thanks Chris

@kursaal Well you should be happy now…2 out of 3 done and dusted.

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Sure! “happy” is the right word to describe my actual Roon feelings after the arrival of MQA and Chromecast support.

Maybe my little january 2018 post contributed a little bit to make the support of those two great features coming faster? :wink:

Anyway, congratulations to Roon´s team work in progress, no doubt!