Testing the B&W Formation Duo

Everything works fine now.
An update on what i did. Hope this will help other people with the same issue.

Unplugged both my formation audio and formation duo from power supply.

Plugged in power supply only formation duo loudspeakers.
They showed on roon ready audio devices.

Now i am using my formation duo loudspeakers to stream some music which i cannot find in my roon music SSD even i have copied everything from my NAS music library to SSD with airplay. May be it is because some library are in mp3 file.

Now i cannot se my formation duo as roon ready under settings audio.
Is this because i am using them with airplay, or because i have plugged to power supply my formation audio streaming box?

Just now i see my formation audio under roon ready devices. I see the same device under other network devices, i presume because they have the same ip address. But formation duo loudspeakers are not showing.
The question is, are the loudspeakers not showing because they are playing with airplay from synology app, or is this because of the formation audio streaming box.

By the way, how do i get the best of formation duo from my roon nucleus? Do i have to adjust room correction settings etc? I have flac files and tidal Master subscription.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @TreeZorro

This is now a fairly old thread. I came across it while browsing for something else. I notice that you have removed Phantoms from your list. You may even have bought new speakers!
Back in November last year I posted this on DevialetChat:
https://devialetchat.com/Thread-Devialet-can-now-repair-Phantoms-it-seems if you are still looking, maybe Devialet support can confirm if Phantom is repairable and confirm pricing?

Hi Frederik

Try reading here Problems connecting to Roon - Orbi Mesh. It seems there could be some network issues with Orbi gear.

I really hope, this wil get you moving on.

Hi Mark,

Everything is working fine now.

Thank You very much for your time and help.

Thank you for the link. I’m still looking (and saving:) for new speakers. I have preordered a pair of Buchardt Audio A500. They will be delivered in June. They are working on Roon Readyness so they look pretty appealing to me. But I will try them out at home before I decide.

Since I started this thread Dali have also released Rubicon 2C that looks interesting. Both the Dali and the Buchardt is a lot cheaper than the Genelec 8351 so if the Buchard Audio A500 sounds good and works well with my setup I’m considering staying with them. I would think the Genelec is a better speaker but I’m not sure the potential improvement is worth the extra money to me.

The active Buchardt models are certainly interesting. Looking forward to the first reports. If Buchardt can make the speakers cardioid via DSP it’s going to be interesting indeed…

Exactly. I’m hoping for the best but I also recognize that they are very good at marketing :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still at a loss why B&W don’t provide any method of remote control outside of an app. That’s a complete deal breaker for me. Having to unlock a device and then find/open an app just to make a quick volume change is rediculous. But I appreciate some people don’t mind. Each to their own :wink:

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Hi there! I have also been researching for almost a year now what to buy and have been saving money for it. I started with a budget of about 2.5k, at the moment I have set my ceiling to 5-5.5k. I wish I had the money for an 8c but these are ridiculously expensive :slight_smile:

Overall I have been looking for
Good sound that can go down to around 30 Hz ( I really dislike separate subwoofer)
Great performance on low volume (80% of the time I listen music at low volume)
Streaming options
Local digital file playback capability
Control via my Android phone playback & volume level
Wired and wireless connection options

Every time I was close to buying something, I would get stuck on the source/control issue. Yes I love the idea of the duo’s and audio streaming services however I am puzzled with basic things such as how do I playback my local digital audio collection… I hate the idea of having such expensive speakers but lacking the option to connect in the simplest way my PC and output audio via USB for example.

Lately I have been looking at the Buchard option. I do like the WiSA streaming and the hub does offer some connectivity options, alas without USB in, direct storage options and no UI app as well to control the system effectively. A roon solution can do the trick with controlling the system but limited to the extra gear and what I can physically connect to the hub. In order to enjoy these, I’d need to resort into buying a primare PRE35 that is WiSA compatible, XLR out for a cabled connection to speakers, Android UI, USB audio in, storage etc etc BUT costs as much as the speakers…

I am wondering if you after all bought Buchard and your experience with them?

I did buy the Buchardts but returned them and ended up with the Genelec 8341. From your description it sounds like the Buchardt A500 may be for you if you don’t like subwoofers and want to go down to 30Hz. The Genelecs “only” go to 38 Hz. I may add a sub later but the bass is very good for now.

I was not crazy about the Buchardt hub either and had some trouble intergrating it into my system with a Harmony remote. A lot of these new DSP speakers have shortcomings with connectivity. That was also why I did not choose the Formation Duo.

I was looking at the Primare SC15 to replace the Buchardt hub. The SC15 is way cheaper than the PRE35 but depending on your needs you may want the PRE35. I really liked the Buchards soundwise and you can read about me comparing them to the Genelecs here: Genelec 8341 or Buchardt A500?
So if you want deep bass and don’t like floorstanders (or don’t have the room) I would recommend the Buchardts with a different hub. I think I read on their Facebook page that they are working on a another more upscale hub for the A500 and A700.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am planning to buy these in few weeks!
I heard them in BW offices and they sounded terrific to me
Many nice reviews as well putting them as a standard of their kind
So is it worth the investment?

I cannot find something similar in the business
I heard the Dali Rubicon 2c as well but I prefer the BW by far
Maybe the Dynaudio but their software / compatibility seems to be steps behind…

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Ps: did you manage to make them work with Logitech harmony?

I think they sound great. I never maneged to get them to work with Harmony. If they are worth the investment for you I can’t say. The Buchardt A500 is worth trying also.

How do these perform at low volumes ?
This would be an important thing for me

As I remember they performed well at low levels.
Not to push the Buchardts again (I’m not affiliated:) but they have build in loudness compensation that helps with low level listening. Here a description from their website:
Automatic ISO 226:2003 Compensation = Low Level Enhancement - LLE
It is well known and documented in research, that the perceived sound balance is dependent on the level at which sound is reproduced. Best example is that with traditional loudspeakers, when listening at quieter levels, there is very little experienced bass and treble reproduction, although at louder level the bass and treble is clearly present. Since we are in control of the entire sound-reproduction chain of the speakers, we can predict the exposed level of sound at the listeners ears, which means we are able to compensate for this effect completely and very accurately. However, we will only do this compensation at low levels (<70dB), where we know most listeners will not perform their critical listening. The outcome from this compensation is a smooth and constantly adapting timbre to the sound, so that it will also sound dynamic and impressive at lower levels, where you can have conversations at the same time during listening. This is a very well engineered feature primarily aimed at professorial use in studios. It allows the mastering engineers to work at lower volumes and still get a precise representation of the music. This allows for much longer work sessions without getting fatigued. For HiFi use, if you often listen at lower volumes this would be a game changer for you!

Just to weigh in on this… recently purchased the Duo’s, they play fantastically at low volumes (I have two young children, yet to be woken by our late night sessions…).

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I haven’t looked back. Running them off a Lenovo ThinkCentre M93P as a ROCK, have had no issues at all.

Thanks for input! Very helpful !
The buckhard A700 seem fantastic as well but they are not Roon Ready …

Hi there,
Anyone could confirm, whether the Formation Audio is limited to 96kHz when connected to Roon or it could transmit higher sample rates as well?
I would like to use it as an endpoint connected to an external DAC via coax cable.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, all the Formation suite of products are “limited” to 96 kHz. Even if you have golden ears I wouldn’t consider that a deterrent.

They sound wonderful with Roon.

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