Text dropouts in Windows 10

Not sure why this is happening. I can usually figure out the missing letters but it’s peculiar.

Video driver, maybe?

Try the driver supplied by the manufacturer of your card, not the WIN10 default driver.

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Hmmm…I am using the manufacturer’s (Intel) driver and their update app says it’s up to date. This doesn’t happen with any other applications, nor does it occur on an Android phone or an iPad.

What kind of GPU are you using, @John_Gallup? And what does resource usage look like? Is the GPU running low on memory, maybe?

Has this been happening for a while or is this a recent issue? Any change after a reboot?

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GPU is the stock Intel HD Graphics 520 card in a Dell Inc. Inspiron 5770. This seems like a recent issue, but I haven’t been tracking incidents since it’s not really a huge problem. It does happen with song lyrics sometimes as well. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening.