Text rendering issue

I’m seeing some regular text rendering issues on my Pixel C tablet which serves as the main remote in my listening room. Killing the app and starting again tends to resolve things but would be great too have gone.

Sounds like this was mentioned before and was due to lack of video memory iirc

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Try changing the “more memory for photos/artwork” in settings/Setup in Room. I set mine to 256MB and have not seen this issue for a while now on my Pixel C.

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thanks - will give it a try. looks like it was set to 64 by default.

Yep, that’s what mine was at. Hope it works for you like it is for me.

well the text issue is back. I guess the setting is not the cure for this…
I had it set to 256 and tried 512 to no avail.

been clear on mine since changing things … I’ve cleared the cache when changing the figure as well just to try and keep it clean.