Thank you for an amazing product

I bought Roon in June 2015 and you guys have been/are doing an awesome job, both in terms of product development and product support. It’s already an amazing product and, from the bits and pieces that I gather are in development, will become even more amazing soon.

Thank you - that’s all I wanted to say.


I totally second this.
I am on for life Roon lease that I swallowed uneasy being a substantial investment into software.
But in half a year I had only one issue with playback that got resolved with a patch in a same day it happened.
I did practically lose a “constant tinkering with my setup hobby”, but boy… did I get a beautiful and working system. :slight_smile:



Roon has transformed my listening pleasure and removed the tedium of dealing with digital music.

2 fundamental things for me make it a revelation;

  1. the ease of assimilating semi-organised music files almost completely eliminates the need to process music any longer

  2. the assignation of tags, links, biopics and reviews make it such a joy to use and move around a musical universe in a wholly organic and natural way

Thank you Roonlabs :slight_smile:

The best way I’ve found to describe it to people is to say it turns one’s own digital music collection into an encyclopedia or wikipedia of music :slight_smile:


I fully agree. Roon is an excellent example of how an innovative product has the power to transform audio enjoyment in a field already crowded with gadgets and software. It fills a need and goes beyond that need. Even better, improvement is constant and rapid. Roon evolves nicely and continues to augment our listening pressure. When there are hiccups, Roon personnel are attentive and show an immediate interest in resolving problems. I’m a lifetime member and I consider Roon to be one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve ever made. Congratulations, Roon.

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Ref lifetime membership, I would go for it, but for lack of funds right now :slight_smile: - that and I’d like to fork out for a couple of years on a yearly basis and see how the company itself holds its ground before taking the plunge.

One thing i will add is that at least for the last 10 years at least I’ve been becoming more and more demoralised at how to tackle actually enjoying a large collection of music and this had only been worsened with the advent of streaming services.

It seemed perverse that as the options widened, the actual ability to choose seemed to diminish. Rather like being in a restaurant with a large menu and failing to choose anything. Spoilt for choice, literally.

This has been completely eliminated, thanks to Roon.

It’s a very exciting time.

Yep love it. Been into the Hi Fi hobby for 40 years, Roon since it started…just what I needed.