Thank you Roon, a solid hour of constant freezing

I actually completed my entire workout while waiting for Roon to reset. Totally unexplained dropping of all zones, freezing. Spinning without playing. “Waiting for Nucleus” and other ridiculous messages. The usual ■■ for an hour that occurs about every three months. Yes, I’m hardwired, no its not my network nor my Roon certified endpoints. Why do I keep a Blusound system running and at the ready? I have to so I can have music when Roon gets so tied up in knots that no matter what Ido it won’t make music.

I suppose you want support with this, so I moved this to Support

As there are no posts in years, it would be great if you could give details about your setup, in particular the network, because that’s where the problem will most likely eventually be, even if you don’t want it to


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