Thank You Roon Team!

I know this sort of post crops up periodically, but I just want to take a moment to thank all those involved in Roon’s development, especially @brian, @danny, and @joel for the most recent update, certainly, but most of all for your presence here in the forum. I was out of town when 1.6 dropped and I’m still not caught up on the feedback threads. But based on what I’ve read/skimmed through so far, I can’t think of another digital product I’ve purchased that has had such thoughtful input on the decisions that were made that have led to what we are using. I just finished the Roon Radio 1.6 feedback thread. Wow, @brian. Your insights (along with the rest of the team in other threads) and those of this community add a lot of value to this product. I’m 100% along for the ride and look forward to what’s next. Cheers!