Thank you Roon, you solved my first world problem

I am a fairly new Roon user and have spent few hours over many days reading through lots of negativity on the forum and felt like I wanted to bring my thoughts and add a thank you to Roon for solving a problem for my situation.

I have a small local library (3000 albums) and use Tidal for streaming. The problem I had was the number of end points I have from different manufacturers that would not mesh together to form a good all zone musical experience (such as Bose SoundTouch, HEOS devices and Bluesound). Not only could I not get these competing devices working together well, but their own proprietary software was awful (Bose and HEOS in particular).

When I discovered Roon from Darko youtube video’s, I did not really appreciate its full potential for me, I looked at it to help me rediscover my ripped collection of Cd’s in my listening room. But when I installed the trial and saw that it had found all of my endpoints, regardless of manufacturer or even if advertised as Roon ready or tested (or not) - I was delighted.

So for a small cost (yes it’s relative, but small for me), I now have a functioning whole house music system using one easy to use interface that merges streamed and local music and I am now enjoying music all the more because of Roon.

I have now installed Roon on a NUC and use multiple iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV app to control what I want to listen to and where, and yes, sometimes the server needs a reboot, but it still delivers what I want and I get hi-res to my listening room.

I also find the app user-friendly to the point where I don’t need to give weekly lessons to my family on how to get music working on any of the speakers around the house.

I know that this is not everyone’s experience and can only sympathise if you don’t have a solution that you’re happy with. But for me, Roon deserves a large amount of credit for creating something I enjoy using on a daily basis.

So thanks team Roon, keep up the good work and I will continue to pay annually to help fund on-going development.

Just for background my set up is:

Roon server running on Intel i7 NUC;
12 Bose ST 10’s running as end points;
1 Bose ST 20 running as end point;
1 DAC32 running as end point for portable speaker (Dali Katch);
3 HEOS (s716 sound bar, Ceol 10 and AVR3600) devices running as end points;
1 node 2i feeding Denon PMA2500 amp with Dali Rubicon 8’s in dedicated listening room


First, thank you for the kind words!

You’d be surprised if you base your expectations on this forum, but the majority of our customers have less than 1000 albums!

Anyway, glad you have all your rooms working!


It’s the strong multiroom across disparate systems and one app to rule them all that drew me in, been here since. Good it’s working well for you and welcome to the forum.


Welcome @Neil_Sherman it’s great to see someone being enchanted by Roon.

I remember that wow! feeling also but I think many of us here forget the 90% that Roon does excellently and the negativity you mention focuses on the 10% that irritates us.

It’s good to be reminded of the wow factor again.



I thoroughly agree with your comments. I like your heading: solving first world problems, as putting perspective on the issues that we occasionally face using Roon.


Well, I guess you are misinterpreting things a bit. We are all showing our love and appreciation through the money we give the Roonies for their creation and their work.
Being active on the forum is another facet of this appreciation.
Yes Roon is great, that is why we use it and why we pay for it - in my case double appreciation with two subs. So there is a lot of light, but also quite a bit of shadow. I personally have huge issues with the search function, which in my mind is basic functionality.
Other users have other problems that show up in their use case.
I know we are living in this time where everything has to be phrased positively and it’s like treading on fairy dust - but that is not reality.
So yes, there are many posts that show up problems - especially since this is the only way Roon gives support - there is no hotline or email support.
In my job I solve problems, the more advanced it gets the more problems turn up that need solving. This is perfectly normal.

Also always remember, just because you do not run into a specific problem in your use case, this does not mean that it does not exist. It really all depends on what you are doing with Roon. As a rule of thumb, I would say: The more classical music you listen to and collect in your own physical library - the more problems you will come by. (This is a generalisation)

Keep on enjoying Roon as most of us here do. I personally will flood the forum with love, once SEARCH is fixed. :innocent:


Can we not just leave a positive thread as a positive thread?

No need to hassle the OP with your (or my) issues, God knows there are enough of threads on here for that.



Actually I thought that my reply was pretty positive, trying to point out that love exists - even if you are pointing out problems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I saw more shadow than light in your post but let’s just agree to share the love……


Couldn’t resist this one “a satisfied customer” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Absolutely! The OP is still in the honeymoon phase and hopefully remains there for a very long time.

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Glad to see that humour is still alive and kicking on this forum.

I think you have a pretty robust WiFi Network and Coverage and fast NUC so your Roon journey is relatively painless, wireless endpoints were problematic and dropout is so annoying, slow NUC can limit your number of zone playing at the same time.

Amen, bro…

Roon is good, no doubt about it. But I could well live without it just streaming directly from radio stations or playing my Apple lossless files. Playing through Roon seems to improve sound quality but that could be purely subjective.

My honeymoon has continued for more than 3 years. That’s pretty good vs most software I have to deal with!


I agree Roon is an excellent product and worth the cost. I am hard core diy everything in my house I have build myself and it all plays well with Roon. Evan my new Hiby R6 stand-alone player plays with roon something I did not expect.
Thanks for all the hard work.

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I purchased in 2019 and time paid even prior to that. I’ve had zero major problems with Roon. I feel like some of the complaining is justified if something is really broken. I did complain when some of my tablets stopped working after an update. So I’m not immune. But a majority of it is nit-picky predicated because the software wasn’t built for the whims and preferences of that specific user. What major software ever is? I really enjoy Roon. I guess, as an earlier poster stated “I’m still in a honeymoon phase”. Keep up the good work Roon folks.

I agree. I recently treated myself to lifetime. It isn’t perfect but no software is. It just brings my music and hardware all together in one place that is genuinely a game changer for music lovers. Just keep it going Roon.