Thanks for making ROCK well... ROCK

I was itching too much (to wait for Nucleus+) and decided that I would have a stab at building my own Rooney Tunes NUC based on the helpful entries by other Rooners and of course the official build instructions.

I was pleased that I only sent myself down one temporary dead end and in under about thirty minutes was up and running.

Backing up from my PC based CORE was straightforward as we the restore and the licence transfer worked well.

The only hiccup was that the new NUC didn’t hook up to the NAS and I had to go through each folder reconnecting it as it seemed to try and connect them as a folder of the NUC CORE. Not a big deal but as the NAS does not need a username/password I would have expected it to try what it had found in the backup?

Anyhow, thanks again for well detailed instructions. I would have loved a Nucleus+ but I am happy to have an i7 NUC with 8Gb of RAM and a 512 Gb SSD backed up by a 30Tb NAS.

So thanks again to all who took the time to describe the process - much appreciated - Terry

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Hey Terry…thats a sizeable NAS at 30TB … if thats all music going to be a busy NUC.

Anyway its good to hear you got it all sorted.

The NAS does other storage as well, including replicating some of the office data for off site protection. In fact there are two NAS boxes here and they replicate each other. During the day there isn’t that much traffic coming in, so it is a good time to stream data into the boxes.

One thing to note with ROCK is that it only needs a 64GB SSD (original spec, don’t know if this had been changed since launch). Anything bigger is just wasted space, but it is almost impossible to buy such a small SSD now. 120GB was the smallest I could buy in June last year.

I would like to echo TerryD’s thanks “for making ROCK”!

For the past year I have been running Roon off my PC with a lan wired Pi and Meridian Explorer2 DAC as the end point (PC is in a different room to my HiFi). The system worked well but I, also, have been itching to get my own “Rooney Tunes” so I finally took the plunge and bought a i7NUC with 8gb of ram and a 120gb ssd.

Thanks to all the really helpful info from Roon Labs and fellow Rooners the install today went without a hitch and I now have the i7NUC set up with the Meridian Explorer2 DAC next to my HiFi. I have had a brief chance to listen to Tidal and some music off my Synology NAS and I am thrilled with how it is sounding!

So again a very big thank you to all who helped make this possible.

Good morning Anthony.

Yes, I appreciate that the SSD is OTT, but I couldn’t get smaller one at the time and I will swap it out once I can source a 256 as there was mention that this was the best to go for (size apart).

Michael, as it happens, I had a Meridian Explore 2 delivered yesterday, so I will look to try that out later.


Hi Terry
I really enjoy my Meridian and it seems to work well with the7i, I would be interested to know what you think of it.

I have a Logitech Transporter at the moment feeding into a Yamaha amp (in PURE mode) so it should be good to compare.

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Michael, did the Meridian need drivers loading onto the rock or are they already on there?

Hi Terry - no I just plugged it in and it worked!

Excellent, I like that sort of set up procedure.

OK plug in and go yay, what method did you use to control the volume?

Also, do you connect the Meridian to a PC to upgrade the firmware?or can it be upgraded on the ROCK?

I control the volume via the remote for my amp so I don’t involve the Meridian in the process.

I haven’t updated the Meridian software for some time but when I did it was via my PC I am not sure if it’s possible via ROCK - note to self must check if it’s up to date!.

What do you think of the sound? Previously I was using the Meridian via a Pi end point for Roon and thought it sounded great but having moved over to the NUC with it connected direct to it I think it sounds even better.

I haven’t connected the Explorer2 into the amp yet. I can set that volume up as you say by throwing 100% at the Explorer and then using the volume of the amp to adjust it.

In the meantime I fed it from the ROCK and then put headphones onto it, but that is where I found that I couldn’t control the volume without losing the MQA feed which seems to need full volume to light the leds. I did change to DSP (?) and used the dB setting to adjust, but again, anything more than 0dB drop killed two of the leds.

I then plugged it into my PC and ran the Tidal programme and again needed 100% into the Explorer2 to get MQA.

I think that I should be able to control the volume on the slider in the Meridian programme (on the PC) but it didn’t seem to have any effect when I fiddled with it.Or… does the setting in the Meridian software hard code the unit so that it keeps that setting when you unplug from the PC?

So it does sound good, but headphones always do, but this was noticeable, the only problem was that it was too loud for comfortable listening.

I think that it is a case of unfamiliarity with me coming home late and still wanting to play at 23.00h…

Any pointers for setting up headphone volume on a Meridian Explorer2 fed by USB from a ROCK unit will be gratefully received. I don’t even mind the words “that is so blindingly obvious” contained in the reply.


Four things spring to mind:

  • Make sure you’re using the headphone out on the Explorer 2, as opposed to the line out
  • In Device Setup for the Explorer zone (Roon Settings > Audio > little cog wheel next to the Explorer entry > Device Setup), make sure that ‘Use Device Controls’ is selected in General > Volume Control Mode
  • In the Playback tab on the Device Setup screen, make sure that ‘Exclusive Mode’ is turned on (if applicable)
  • Make sure all DSP for the Explorer Zone is disabled (DSP Engine, Crossfade, Volume Levelling).

If it still fails after the above, please post a screenshot of your signal path so we can see what’s going on.

Thanks Rene.

OK on points 1 & 2.

3 - I don’t appear to have an exclusive option.

4 - ok,


The volume can now be adjusted from the Roon volume control without (it seems) losing any of the LEDs on the Explorer2, that seems like mission accomplished Rene, unless you can think of any other tweaks?

Thanks for your assistance - Terry

Michael, I will try running through the amp at the weekend, I want to play with the headphones for a couple of days!

Yup. You’re all set – no other setting changes necessary. 3. is OK – I did not pick up your Explorer is connected to a ROCK system. On Linux (the underpinnings for ROCK), Roon has exclusive access via ALSA automatically. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the confirmation Rene.

As an update, my wife loves the output of the Meridian Explorer2 and now wants one for her laptop.

I suppose it serves me right buying her a good set of headphones.

SO for those people who are not sure what you have to spend to get a very good system to listen to your music (up to MQA) this might not be the cheapest, but the Meridian Explorer2 (£99) sounds great on B&W headphones (various) fed by a sub £700 i7 NUC box. That isn’t all of the cost as you need the Roon licence etc. but it is just feedback from this neck of the woods.

Thanks to all - Terry

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Good morning Rene.

Setting up another Meridian2 on USB on my wife’s HP tablet and the settings are slightly different:

Do I use WASAPI MIxer? Will that allow me to get sufficient “data volume” to trigger MQA for the headphones (without inducing deafness)?

Also, on the PLAYBACK screen there is the option for EXCLUSIVE mode.