Thanks for the journey so far

Hi, Roon and the community. Purchased a years sub about 40 days ago and wanted to simply say, thanks! Loving the software, and adore tinkering with my genre’s: everything I dreamed of in my 20’s, the community is super passionate and I’m strapped in ready for the next musical chapter in my life.

Thanks Roon


Welcome Richard to the club.

I too is strapped in and setting up my next musical chapter. I have just the shell of my man cave built and it is on hold probally till next year when hopefully this covid goes away.

However in my shop I am piecing together the audio equipment that will be used and this part is fun and very nice.


Thanks MD, & good luck with the man cave

Moved to Roon software as it was not a support request.

Give it time! :joy: :innocent:


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