The 1927-32 HMV 'Potted' Ring cycle

This album is recognized by Roon once the 7 discs are marked as discs 1-7.
However the metadata is quite incomplete

Roon titles the album as Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen (abridged)
The correct titel is The 1927-32 HMV ‘Potted’ Ring cycle

On the first disc the 90 or so Leitmotivs tracks are only titled “Leitmotiv”, which makes it impossible to find something.
They all have a more detailed metadata such as i.e. Rheingold - Leitmotiv - Natur

Here’s the list of the 90 Leitmotivs:

Leimotiv.csv (4.8 KB)

This is an important historical set, can this be corrected, please