The ability to browse by Artist or Album requires a 'drill down'

On my iPhone, when I hit the “hamburger” there is so little display area that the “Library” functions such as Artists and Albums (which is what I use to find what I want to play 100% of the time) requires an extra touch to display. The “Browse” functions are at the top of that list . . . but I never use those.

Is there a way to move the “Library” list to the top of the list, to eliminate that need for the extra touch to ‘drill down’ into the list of functions?

The iPad has more display real estate, so it’s not an issue there.

No, there’s no option. However, once you’ve pressed “More…” once it is persistent until you close the app. So what’s the problem?

That’s cool I did not know that it’s persistent. I guess each time I’ve noticed this (a few times now) the app had been closed or the phone had been restarted.

“So what’s the problem?”

Why must there be a problem?

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