The ability to create playlist from Internet radio streams

Now that you guys support internet radio. I would be very useful to me if I could get playlists created inside ROON for a selected station. I listen to KCRW out of Santa Monica. They place such an incredible selection of music. I tend to follow along on the KCRW web site to view their playlist. I then write the names of the groups I want investigate further and search around in ROON + TIDAL. However, it would be a huge timesaver if the playlist was created automatically so that I do not have to do all the work and I can listen whenever I want in Lossless format.

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It would be great if it was feasible. At the moment Internet Radio doesn’t appear in History and isn’t scrobbled to LastFM so there is a difference in how Roon treats that content.

Would an option to include Internet Radio in History (where Tracks can be selected and turned into a Playlist) do what you are seeking ?

What you have described as a work around sounds like what I was hoping could be done. As long as I can get a digital track list I can do the rest. Are you saying that you can grab the name and other info from a radio stream and just save that info in some history container? If so that works.

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There is a History page in the hamburger menu from which you can select tracks and make a playlist.

At the moment though, it doesn’t record Internet Radio tracks that it can find in Tidal. Enabling that would involve capturing metadata from the Internet Radio (not all stations play nicely in that regard) and then searching Tidal (both in and outside your library) in the background and importing a reference to the Tidal track into History. There are some significant issues about all of that, but I know Tidal search has been a topic of interest to the devs. They will see this request and mull it over. I know I’d love to see something like it.