The ability to hide or disable results

I have no problems paying Roon for their excellent software. But it’s a little “Hulu-esque” to force paying customers to look at advertisements with no way of disabling them.

Please provide the ability to turn OFF!



And while we are at it, turn off Tidal. I have no interest and will never subscribe. It’s us annoying to me to have precious program space taken up by useless fluff.

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Excellent ideas! And please – get rid of the local stuff as well. It just clogs up my disk space and I rarely have time to listen to it anyway.

I like my Roon interface nice and clean:



EDIT – gahhh… never mind; obviously we’re talking about elective user-views here…

[slinks away for refresher course in reading comprehension]

All sarcasm aside, has zero relevance for me as I have no interest in seeing rock musicians in their 60s and 70s perform. But I like listening to their old music. benefits from all the eyeballs that see the concert dates and venues. But the benefit to me as a Roon customer is precisely zero. That is why I think it’s reasonable to provide a means to disable or hide this “feature”.

I think it just shows the need for user customization.

See also: Overview Requests


The banner appears on an artist page, not on the overview page.

I would also like to be able to disable and Tidal, not going to use it.

I found a dismiss click that let me take off tidal on the Overview page. I’m not sure how I missed that earlier. But see if that works for you @music

I am still away from home, so haven’t been able to actually install Roon and use my lifetime license yet :smiley:
But if dismissing it makes Tidal disappear, that sounds just like the outcome I was hoping for.

I will be using Roon only for my local library, so I hope that all streaming services can be disabled if the user decides not to use them.

If you treat as a spam site and use a Windows Mac or Linux you can blacklist it in your hosts file by adding it as an entry to the hosts file.

(for a mac…

Some router software allows you to blacklist domains, anything from songkick no longer appears. There are a few ways of doing this until such a feature is added although I quite like having it there so definitely optional. Have a read up on editing your hosts file or blocking a website from your router (if possible) many do now as a way to block some of the more egregiously horrible websites out there…

Blacklisting internet addresses is at best a kludge. I’m hoping Roon will do the right thing and give their users the ability to turn off 3rd party advertisements. could be just the beginning. If the Roon interface becomes spammy, the product popularity will no doubt suffer.

I don’t think the origins of the Songkick info in Roon were advertising. It was more about what info can we get about the artist.

I actually like to see if there is info about tour dates etc when I look at an artist Bio. I have used it a few times with good results.

This is not the same as 30 second commercials before you get to watch a YouTube clip. That is annoying.

If the Roonies can code a switch here then that is best of both I guess.

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One person’s “useful information about an artist” is another’s crass advertisement. Of course, those who want to see the results should be able to. But others (myself included) believe that any unsolicited advertising (and is advertising concert tickets, period) that cannot be disabled is an unwelcome intrusion and places (in this case) Roon’s relationship with above their relationship with their paying customers (perhaps is paying Roon as well).

In any case, I’m not suggesting be eliminated from the Roon interface. But the software should have the ability to turn off unsolicited advertising for those who wish to not see it.

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Agreed but until such a feature is added it’s the best way to stop it appearing now, today, this instant… which is what the OP wanted.

We use Songkick’s concert data as a service to our users. We don’t pay them, they don’t pay us. We don’t even have a business relationship with them. This is purely just giving users access to data that many find useful.

I gather that you don’t want to see the concert data, and I don’t mind adding an option to hide it.

This idea that Roon displaying “advertising” is a bit silly. We just wanted you to know who is providing the data, and where clicking on the actual concerts will take you.

As for TIDAL, other than a simple screen during the onboarding, at which you can say ‘no thanks’, we don’t show you TIDAL content unless you login to your TIDAL account, or as an option in settings/addmusic.


Thanks Danny

It’s not that I “don’t want to see” concert data so much as I want to be able to control what external advertisers have access to my eyeballs. And might be just the beginning. There could be more later.

What I’m looking for is a means to block unsolicited advertising on Roon. I didn’t ask to see concert ticket purchasing options.

I thought it was a nice feature. Nothing commercial to me. Goes to show we’re all different.
That switch will make everyone happy I guess.

I am having trouble understanding your point of view… and clearly this is something you feel strongly about, so I’d like to know what the core idea here is.

For me, concerts are just more information about the artist, and not at all about ticket sales. New releases from my favorite bands is another type of this data. It’s much less about “marketing” and much more about discovery and experience enhancements. I don’t go to concerts often, but since we added this feature, and gone to more, and I’ve been a happier person due to it.

I find an artist’s tour dates are as relevant as new releases, new collaborations, and even a newly updated biography or photo. Do you find the record label that released the album to be advertising too?

So is it just that these experiences cost you that you don’t like them or is it something else? I don’t buy the “I didn’t ask for concerts”, because you didn’t ask for the rest of Roon’s features either. Roon will change over the years to provide more and more data relevant to the music in your library. Please help me understand as I’d rather not anger you every time we add something new :smile:

I’m happy to add this switch because concert data may not be relevant for your geography, and it takes up a lot of real estate. This makes sense as a UI switch, needing to be set per “remote”.

I’m still debating if the switch makes sense as a ‘turn off all concert dates’, or more of a ‘stop showing me stupid concerts far away from me’. The current algorithm shows you nearby concerts, and if there arent any, it shows you upcoming concerts by date. I can see the latter as being “noise”, and may be better conveyed in the same place we show facebook/twitter/instagram/wikipedia links and just show a “touring” button that takes you to songkick.

However, we are adding some extra features related to concerts in the future, and it will take CPU/memory to compute the data. This can’t be done per remote, so the setting per remote will not impact this. You will pay the cost no matter what the switch is set to.

Also, future features may or may not be on a switch, because a ton of switches is exactly what we don’t want long term.