The "add image" facility needs some work

Hi all.

I’m currently adding the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary set to Roon. For some reason, sometimes Roon does not choose the cover art that is included in my Metatags. When this happens, I need to tell Roon which cover image to use.

A very handy thing would be to click on the cover image that it has chosen, flick through all the available images & select the one I want but this doesn’t seem to be possible.

Instead, as all my images reside locally (& not in the cloud so I can’t paste a URL) I have to click on the “add image” button which takes me to a window.

When I click on my storage device, it takes me to the last folder I was in, which is great. But, when I click the back button, (to come out of the last folder & go into the next one), it takes me out to the top of the previous directory (not to a point adjacent to where I was). In this case, this folder currently contains over 400 items. So, I scroll down to the folder that contains the image I want & I see the following:

This is because the numbering part of the folder name comes a bit later:

This is a situation that is unusual, even for me, but it does highlight a shortcoming, in not being able to re-size the window. It also suggests an even easier fix which, as I mentioned before, would be to look through the available images by clicking on the album cover & simply selecting the one I want.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Haha! I’ve just found the “set as album cover” command. Perfect!

I don’t have privileges to delete this, but it can probably be deleted, unless you agree that being able to resize the window would be advantageous & is still a valid suggestion.