"The album has been deleted"... wait, which album?

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2018 Mac Mini, MacOS 10.15.7, Roon Build 1.7 (667)

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Description Of Issue

I had the Roon application open on my Mac Mini today, went to have lunch and when I came back and woke the Mac Mini from sleep Roon was displaying a dialog saying “The album has been deleted”.

I have a backup of my FLAC library, but how do I know what album was actually deleted so I can replace it? I check the OS ‘Trash’ folder and there is nothing in there. There is also nothing in Roon’s ‘History’ indicating that anything was deleted. Also, is there a setting in Roon that prohibits deletion of files from the storage library?

if you have tidal or qobuz maybe it was one of those? streaming services can remove albums due to licensing.

Hello @mrvco,

Did this issue only occur when waking out of sleep mode? It is possible that this is just a display artifact from putting your Mac to sleep and waking it up.

DirEqual is a fast and inexpensive tool for MacOS that lets you compare directories and check for missing files or different file data. I use it regularly for keeping my library copies in sync.

It wasn’t a display artifact, there was a dialog box (‘ok’ iirc) that had to be clicked to clear it. I’m guessing some keys were pushed at some point prior to the Mac going to sleep. I really was just wondering if there was a log somewhere that might show if / what might have been deleted or whether there was a way to disable the ability to delete actual song files from the library in the Roon UI.

Hi @mrvco,

You can access Roon logs by using these instructions but reading them is a bit trickier.

If this behavior re-occurs, can you please let me know the exact local time + date you see the error appear and send me the log set for review?

Just woke my Mac Mini from sleep this morning and got the message again. I grabbed a screenshot this time. Last night I paused playback and let the Mac go to sleep and know 100% for sure that no keys were inadvertently pressed between then and when I woke it up this morning. I checked the album that was playing (Tidal, not local library) and it is still in my db w/ no change so I’m pretty confident now that nothing is actually being deleted. I’ll take a look at and grab the logs this morning.

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Thanks for the screenshot @mrvco, do you by any chance recall the exact local time + date you saw that message? Or if it re-occurs can you please note this and send the logs? Thanks!

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