The B-52's Cosmic Thing (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

I just downloaded The B-52’s Cosmic Thing (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition) from HDTracks (this version has 31 tracks), and when I imported it into Roon it came up as Unidentified. When I went to identify it, Roon offered me nothing! (it says No Results Found). It didn’t give me a single version to choose from. The “None Of These Look Right” button didn’t help. Switching the “Use File Tag Info” on didn’t help either. I tried truncating the title to just “Cosmic Thing” and that didn’t help.

Is there something else I can try, or is Roon truly totally lacking metadata for this album?

Well I’ll answer my own question, as it may assist somebody else. The answer is to edit the artist info to “The B-52s” instead of “The B-52’s” when doing the search. Then it pulls up the correct metadata information. Roon does actually show the artist as “The B-52’s” when it’s identified correctly - go figure.

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Yeah Roons search is less than stellar for wrong spelling or punctuation. I find it quite annoying. Still room for improvement here me thinks.

The band dropped the apostrophe in 2008, so I would expect Roon to do the usual alias thing, e.g.

The B52s aka The B52’s
Sananda Maitreya aka Terrence Trent Darby


Hi @Gerald_Schrader,

I’ve passed this along to the team for further investigation, we appreciate the report!